The Winery

The grapes are grown in the ideal soil and climate of the Crimean Peninsula and Southern Ukraine, but the winery is located 300 km inland near the city of Donetsk.


It may seem odd to locate a winery hundreds of kilometers inland from the source of grapes, but there is a very good reason for this location.


The winery is located in a vast 25 hectare complex of deep underground caves and cellars which was once a gypsum mine. Just like the chalk caves of Champagne, these deep caverns keep temperature and humidity - perfect for producing and cellaring champagne-method wines year- round.


The winery is as impressive as any of the great champagne houses. Sculptures are carved into the walls of giant caverns, the above ground buildings resemble an estate and deep inside the cellars, there is an enormous, castle-like tasting room.





A Treasure from Crimea

KrimSekt Sparkling Wines

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