White Semi-Sweet

One of the only off-dry Champagne method bubblies around. 


This is a sweeter bubbly for those less fond of traditional bruts or for people who want something different and more accessible. The taste is less tart and more fruity than a brut, but with the same high-quality pedigree. Most sweeter bubblies are just carbonated wine, while Krimsekt is double-fermented in the champagne method.


It is made from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Aligote and Riesling grapes grown on the famous Crimean peninsula of Ukraine.


Meticulous, traditional double fermentation creates natural carbonation, in the original, traditional champagne method.


Great Pairing Ideas:  A perfect companion for:

· Cheeses (like Havarti, Gouda and Swiss)

· Smoked Salmon

· Spicier food and Asian dishes

· Powerful fish dishes, like Salmon and Tuna (esp. blanked with maple or soy and balsamic)

· BBQ’d ribs and chicken (esp. with sweeter sauces)

· Poultry

· Soups (e.g.. Curried Butternut Squash)

· Sweets (esp. Chocolate)


Anything that you might pair up to an off-dry Riesling or Gewürztraminer.


A Treasure from Crimea

KrimSekt Sparkling Wines

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