Red Semi-Sweet

For those wine aficionados who think they have tried everything…  this is probably something truly new and unique.


Truly rare, exotic and unique— this extraordinary semi-sweet red sparkling wine is a deep, rich blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Saparevi grapes grown on the famous Crimean peninsula and in Southern Ukraine.


Meticulous, traditional double fermentation creates natural carbonation, an exceptional and rare achievement for a robust, full-bodies red.  It is one of the only double-fermented red bubblies in the world.


Great Pairing Ideas:  A perfect companion for:

· BBQ’d ribs and chicken (esp. with sweeter sauces)

· Fragrant cheeses & pâtés.

· Poultry (esp. Turkey)

· Zesty soups (esp. French Onion Soup)

· Dark Chocolate


Competes well with sweeter or more fragrant items or substitute as an aperitif.

A Treasure from Crimea

KrimSekt Sparkling Wines

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